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underwrite form without payment and did not teeth in Vietnam, tartar is best to ensure dental health. View the following information. Tingling is one of the best ways to look after your teeth, and your doctor recommends that your teeth be taken regularly to remove the hidden risks of tooth decay from plaque. But make regular tartar is how the new correct? How often should tartar be best? Why need to scrape tartar? In the past, many people have often mistakenly tart her teeth. So, when it comes to scraping tartar, people are often afraid to wear enamel, to weaken teeth … However, in fact not so, the tartar is just a dental hygiene tips. Removes plaque, bacteria that daily oral hygiene cannot perform. How often should shave tartar and why need to scrape tartar – are questions that many customers care and want to know like you. Here are some reasons to persuade you to brush your teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Veneer porcelain crowns the teeth

What is porcelain veneer?
Veneer porcelain is a cosmetic prosthetic technique that is fixed on the outside of the tooth to recreate the shape and color of the teeth. In essence, Veneer is porcelain, composite or plastic, which is glued to the outer surface of the front teeth with a special glue, the size of a very small veneer, just a layer of nail polish. Saigon Vietnam dental implants
How does Veneer porcelain crown be used?
Veneer porcelain crowns are often used in cases of discolored teeth, tetracycline teeth, worn teeth, cracked teeth, fractured teeth, irregular shapes, toothed teeth.
Veneer porcelain toothpaste is popular with many people like: less teeth grinding, natural color like real teeth, not affect the chewing function …
Veneer porcelain teeth require relatively little grinding, only about 0.6 mm so preserve the real teeth and tooth pulp to the maximum. That is also why Veneer teeth feel less sensitive than other types of porcelain crowns. Because of the fact that the teeth are preserved intact, the Veneer porcelain teeth feel almost unchanged. As the porcelain layer makes the porcelain Veneer very thin, its color is quite natural and it is not possible to remove the porcelain ceramic with the black border on the leg. vietnam dentist prices
Compared with composite materials, porcelain teeth Veneer tooth surface more accurate, moreover, Veneer porcelain teeth do not stain, worn or discolored after a period of treatment. The resistance of biological, chemical, and mechanical factors in the oral environment of porcelain veneer is also good.
The price and time of Veneer porcelain crowns
Because Veneer porcelain dental veneer is a high grade material that can improve the defects of composite materials (tooth surface changes color over time), the price of Veneer porcelain teeth will be higher. But in return, aesthetics is always guaranteed and guaranteed long-term results.
As for the Veneer porcelain crowns, you will usually need to visit your doctor twice for a period of 2 to 3 hours to complete a cosmetic treatment for about 8 to 10 teeth. The number of teeth that are treated more or less depends on the width of your mouth when smiling.