next time or give them to the teeth in Vietnam

next time or give them to the teeth in Vietnam, eliminating the risk of developing bacteria causing tooth decay. However, do not brush your teeth more than 3 times a day. Therefore, for mid-day snacks, it is best to rinse water after eating to drift in the middle of the road. After eating to wait 60 minutes brushing is the best more information about the teeth in the process of eating, especially acidic food will penetrate the enamel, making teeth vulnerable, if brushing teeth will push acid Deep into the dentin. However, the level of acid in the food is insignificant, you just need to drink a glass of water to clean the oral cavity and wait 5-10 minutes for food to settle in the stomach to avoid feeling nauseous when putting toothpaste into the mouth was able to brush teeth.

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Now, there are two methods to grow quality teeth are not diversified, especially bridge and implant. So, the implant carries a clear advantage in terms of durability, not invasive to the real teeth as well as can limit the status of the jaw bone possession. cấy răng implant

After tooth extraction at how long implant post was placed?

Previously, when the tooth loss for several months, the dentist can make poor quality bridges for patients. Now that Implant 4S latest technology to build the brand, the problem of planting time is not so important. The dentist can implant the implant to the patient immediately after the tooth extraction, provided the patient is 18 years old, the jaw bone is not damaged and does not have dental disease as well as liver disease, blood. Pregnant women are not prescribed implants.

The implantation of 4S implant has the advantage that by the small implant head, the new technology of grafting facilitates the integration of the implant and the jaw occurs quickly without being eliminated. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

New technology can take advantage of the later period when you pull the tooth, the gums are not fully sealed for implants, then it will minimize pain and gumming machine flow state also. After about 3-4 months, you own chewing food that carries quality less than usual instead of 5-6 months as usual.

Quality certification and is now used in almost all dental major in the world, which is trusted by patients with high safety and effectiveness:

  • Full restoration of the chewing ability of the patient, such as real teeth, teeth with shiny brightness
  • The integration of the abutment piercing head without completely causing the phenomenon of excretion. Saigon Vietnam dental implants
  • Implant head implant directly into the jaw bone should avoid splitting gums, reduce pain as well as healing period occurs more quickly.
  • Shorten the recovery period for missing teeth in about 3-4 weeks with the ability to implant a pierced implant only after 15-20 minutes.

Being practiced by the dentists I-DENT with professional expertise and experience implant transplant, you c an completely peace of mind about quality, no complications or excretion phenomenon. vietnam dentist prices