However, she did not blame her teeth in Vietnam

However, she did not blame her teeth in Vietnam. Do not make the mistake of filling aesthetic teeth Aesthetic dental fillings are a remedy for many cases of damaged teeth. Does the restoration really work on teeth as many people are choosing? What is aesthetic fillings? – The comprehensive effect of this method? Aesthetic filling is the method of connecting the teeth apart, covering a new layer of enamel covering the teeth to create close fitting teeth. This method ensures maximum color in the same way as real teeth. The perfect shaping technique for teeth is beautiful and definitely fixes the previous defects of the teeth. Indications when applying dental filler sparse? Dental fillings should meet the health requirements to be eligible for dental fillings: The teeth are firm and do not have any problems with teeth. In case of dental disease or tooth sensitivity, need to treat the philosophy of healthy teeth to be able to carry out filling.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho What Is Periodontal Why have periodontal disease teeth

The main cause of periodontal disease is bacterial plaque (plaque). This plaque develops after ingestion, as food and bacteria accumulate along the neck and gum cavity.   What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

What is marrow inflammation?

Tooth Decay is a soft tissue that consists of blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth that is covered and protected by the yeast outer layer. Tooth decay is considered important because it helps the teeth grow and maintain their strength.

Bacteria will trigger inflammatory reactions and cause inflammation of the gums. Over time, the plaque becomes calcified (hardened) and tartar (also called tartar). At this time, the gums become more inflamed, and the disease progresses to periodontitis if there are specific bacteria. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

The disease can progress very rapidly if accompanied by a systemic disease (such as diabetes), or a bad habit for the mouth (such as smoking …)

Do you need anesthesia?  Meningococcal disease is a disease that causes cavities, deep, long-lasting untreated, which will spread to the bone marrow and cause inflammation.

Curettage is a direct manipulation of deep inside the tooth to remove inflammatory marrow tissue and this requires anesthetic injection to ensure smooth, smooth operation. Pain and discomfort for patients.

Deviated teeth make it difficult for oral hygiene, enabling the bacteria to grow and stay in teeth that are deviated from the teeth, causing periodontal disease and risk of periodontal disease. Dental tourim in Vietnam

Women during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes and less salivary glands, lead to a favorable environment for the growth of the developing micro-organisms, especially during the onset of development. Bone (fetus 24 – 25 weeks) take calcium from the mother that is leading the calcium from the upper jaw tissue and lower jaw makes the teeth weak and easily damaged by bacteria. Changing taste during pregnancy (like eating sour, snack, eating sweets …) is also increasing the probability of oral disease in pregnant women.

Some medications may reduce the chance of salivary secretion, causing a reaction to gingivitis. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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