family has teacher messages about the condition teeth in Vietnam

family has teacher messages about the condition teeth in Vietnam, to the root of the tooth to the bone at the tip of the root and forms an infection called the apetes. Pus from the initial abcess area resides in the abcess, the later stage of the pus becomes much more likely to break the abdominal cavity, creating a pus outward path such as the lips, cheeks, neck or tongue. Then at the root tip will cause tooth pulp or root canal disease as: granular or root capsule. After a period of tooth decay, the teeth will begin to discolour, usually darker than the adjacent teeth. If the infection does not heal in time it will result in pain, stinginess, bad breath and aphids spreading to adjacent teeth, even if they can destroy the structure around the foot. teeth. There are cases of severe abcess to remove the cap, even to remove the teeth. How does dental pulp work?

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Teeth are contained in the alveolar bone and are held firmly by a complex system called the periodontal ligaments. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

When a tooth is severely impacted, the tooth (including the crown and crown) can break and break; or damage to the alveolar bone; Injury to periodontal ligament causes tooth decay.

There are some cases where the teeth are self-restoring, self-restoring. There are some cases where the fear of a dentist’s intervention, for example, is fixed by using a special dental steel wire or sealant to fix the teeth to the teeth. Teeth still next to him. At the same time, to ensure that the teeth are not shaken by chewing activities daily, teeth are shaken should be sharpened bite correction for short.

In both cases, the patient must not use the teeth to eat, bite anything until the teeth firmly back.

In my case, according to what I describe, the teeth are only slightly shaken, slightly, not sharp pain, the damage cannot be much. In this case, the teeth can harden themselves without intervention. Regular saline hydration helps to shorten the hardening time of the teeth.

However, you should go to a dentist for a thorough examination, incorporating a x-ray image to eliminate any instability, the possible damage caused by the impact – as analyzed. above.

Within the limits of a counseling, we can only provide you with information and some advice. Please go directly to the clinic, we will examine and advise him more specific, more accurate. Examination and advice free of charge.

Wish you have a good tooth with good quality dental health soon! vietnam dentist prices

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