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Drive the name of the song in any form teeth in Vietnam. In order to keep you and your baby healthy, it is very important to visit your dentist periodically and maintain your oral hygiene habits. In addition, the need to prepare the necessary knowledge also contribute to help you have a smooth pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can be more prone to tooth decay for a variety of reasons. It is possible that the pregnant woman usually consumes more starches, and craves sweeter than usual. In addition, morning sickness can increase the amount of acid in the mouth, which can cause tooth erosion. Pregnant mothers are less likely to maintain good oral hygiene. May be due to morning sickness, vaginal reflectivity is more sensitive than normal, or due to painful gums, fatigue during pregnancy. Always try to maintain good dental hygiene, brush your teeth every 2 days and use floss everyday.

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Treatment of tooth pulp pain, how to reduce pain effectively? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Because of the metal-to-metal porcelain crown, after some time, the metal core inside will be oxidized, causing tooth decay, not only to lose its aesthetic but also to cause inflammation and irritation to those who have had prehistory. corresponds to metal.
Porcelain is made of monolithic porcelain, baked at temperatures over 1600 degrees, which is 5 times stronger than real teeth.

Plaque treatment can have some pain is unavoidable, however, the treatment of tooth pain will not be controlled and resolved by modern dental techniques. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

– Before taking the marrow, your doctor will give you painkillers to help relieve the pain so that you can feel better and comfortable when lying down to the doctor. In addition, the doctor also injected anesthetic to local anesthesia in place, not to hurt the pain.

Taking painful toothache is not going to be a worry because the anesthetic effect is about 2 hours that doctors only need to perform in about 20 – 30 minutes can be completed, when the drug out of effect you may be slightly Pain is a little bit but can be tolerated, if the pain is too painful, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to treat at home so you can rest assured.

In addition, the treatment of tooth pulp is no longer a big problem with the modern machinery and techniques such as the length of the canal, modern marrow tool … And the way to reduce pain The best treatment for dental pulp is to treat a reputable dentist, have a good doctor, have modern equipment and have anesthesia, good pain relief. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Do not worry too much about whether the pulp has health effects or not risk that hesitate, prolonged treatment time, this will be very dangerous, causing you more pain and teeth can no recovery. Taking tooth pulp is not painful as many people think, it may be true before because the dental technology has not developed yet. vietnam dentist prices