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damage expectations and determination to establish teeth in Vietnam

damage expectations and determination to establish teeth in Vietnam. Croperly treated and properly maintained, will last as long as real teeth, not be eliminated. Therefore, it is important to have dental implants implanted correctly if you want to perform surgery. This also ensures the aesthetics of the teeth and the safety of your operation. Examination, consultation and film screening for bone structure Usually, at the first visit, your doctor will take a panoramic picture or CT Cone beam to check your bone density, and your bone height is suitable for implant placement. Digital CT cone beam films are important for the diagnosis and planning of implant transplants. Restore porcelain teeth on Implant There are some types of prosthetics for you to choose such as porcelain teeth EMax, Zirconia, Ceramill Zolid, Cercon HT, titanium dental porcelain, porcelain teeth on the chrome-cobalt alloy.

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1. The system without needles
Anesthesia with an anesthetic does not have an injection. Anesthetics will be used locally initially and assist in the extraction of the teeth to ensure that the surrounding tissue is painless.
– Reduce the patient’s phobia and anxiety about needles when most people are scared when anesthesia is required by injection. vietnam dentist prices
– Reduce the pressure on the anesthesia area when dispersion of anesthetic drugs is not as fast as when injected.
– Reduction in the time needed to support treatment with accelerated numbness, which may be initiated sooner.
2. Topical anesthetic ointment
The local anesthetic gauze, which is effective within 15-30 seconds, can penetrate the surrounding tissues and become effective within 15 minutes. Oestrus relieves pain and discomfort during dental procedures such as reducing the irritation of the mouth, gums caused by orthopedic appliances, and dental surgery.
3. Aerosol spray
Anesthetic agents used in local anesthesia, which work to relieve pain, create a sense of comfort and cool in operation. Anesthesia has an anti-arrhythmic effect, preventing nerve cells from spreading pain.
4. Pain management system Saigon Vietnam dental implants
The numbing device provides minimal pain control under the automatic tracking of the computer. In case of wisdom tooth extraction deviated or any complicated dental procedures, the anesthesia by injection is still necessary. But you do not need to worry because the formulation, spray form will be used before the injection will no longer feel. In addition, with computer-controlled injection, anesthetic injection is not painful as the anesthetic is pushed deep into the soft tissue by the pressure on the gums and the spray rate is well controlled.

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