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How does wisdom teeth affect during pregnancy

Teeth wisdom, also known as the number eight usually grows between the ages of 18-26, even people up to 40 years old began to wisdom teeth. Because it is the last tooth in the jaw bone, it tends to tilt and tilt, causing complications of inflammation, gum inflammation, or tooth decay on adjacent teeth that cause pain. Patients, even fever and unable to open their mouth … In most cases, most of the doctor’s appointment should be removed to limit the complications of oral health later.Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

How does wisdom teeth affect during pregnancy?

As described above, we speculate that your wisdom teeth have grown implicitly, which can cause painful symptoms; fever; cannot open mouth … making your eating becomes more difficult. Poor nutrition for a long time can affect the nutritional supply of the fetus so that the fetus is susceptible to rickets; Underweight…

If wisdom teeth are not treated in the end, the mother may face many other dangerous oral complications such as glaucoma; Tooth decay … Especially during pregnancy the resistance of the mother is very susceptible to oral bacteria that cause inflammation when teething wisdom.Dental tourim in Vietnam

So how to treat wisdom teeth during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period so wisdom tooth extraction is usually recommended by your doctor. Because of this, it can cause sepsis that affects the health of the mother and baby, especially in the first trimester and the third trimester. In addition, exposure to X-rays during the extraction of wisdom teeth can cause physical distortions that result in congenital malformations. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction during pregnancy is something that you need to consider carefully.

Wisdom teeth during pregnancy should not arbitrarily use of drugs without a doctor’s prescription only because it can make the pain worse, even inflammatory edema swollen, red hot. In addition, the use of drugs may threaten the life of the mother, even causing birth defects.

Therefore, if you have symptoms of wisdom teeth during pregnancy you need to visit the center of dental expertise to be examined and treated promptly. In the case of wisdom teeth in pregnancy if early, doctors may prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs; Pain relief for pregnant women should be very safe for both mother and baby you can peace of mind when to use.

During pregnancy, growing wisdom teeth should also increase the intake of foods high in calcium; fluorine and some trace elements such as phosphorus; vitamin D; fiber … found in vegetables; fruit; Sea food; This helps to consolidate and reconstruct enamel very well for both mother and baby later.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In addition, when the wisdom teeth wisdom need good oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a day in the evening before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up (especially after meals). Gargling 2-3 times a day with salt water will help your aches and pains are limited, so salt water also eliminates the most effective oral health agents when wisdom teeth grow.

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