how big is the star teeth in Vietnam

how big is the star teeth in Vietnam. Long teeth Cause: diabetes The saliva of people with diabetes has a very high sugar content, is not conducive to bacterial growth, and high levels of calcium in saliva are also easy to form stones, which all increase the risk of disease. around the teeth and tooth decay. Teeth that grow out in fact are the result of gingivitis. The teeth are not clean Cause: heart trouble Investigation shows, plaque in the teeth will lead to gingivitis, making the body’s immune response, indicating that the white blood cells increased. One of the main causes of heart disease is increased white blood cell counts. So if your heart is not good enough, it is best to form a habit of rinsing your teeth, cleaning your teeth after every meal. After brushing, oral, promptly push the bacteria and pigment sticking out of the teeth. Consult the professional dentists, annual dental check, tooth extraction, “full bleaching” for teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Removable implant for all losses teeth

What is a removable implant? Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

As before, when you lose a lot of teeth, you will choose to restore using the function. However, after a period of time, the loss of bone function will cause the jaw wave cannot hold the denture fixed, causing difficulty in eating and communication. At this time, Implant disassembly is the right choice for you. With the implants attached to the jaw will fix the denture, implant denture firm, stable chewing function is almost like the real teeth.

The advantages of using Implant disassembly

Cost savings

In case of missing teeth, if you use the conventional implant method, you will lose a lot of costs while plugging too many implant cylinders, in addition, if the teeth take longer then you will have to pay extra cost. bone. When using a removable implant, bone grafting, jaw preparation is not mandatory, you can minimize the number of implants compared to lost teeth. As a result, the cost is reduced significantly. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Reduce bone loss

Like traditional implant implants, disassembled implants also have the effect of minimizing bone loss. However, the limitation of this method is to limit the bone at the implant site, but other locations, osteoporosis can still occur.

Does not cause pain, gingivitis

If using a denture, it is understandable that jaw contact with the gums. With implant method implant fixed denture, denture will be held firmly on the head Implant, not leaning on the gums, reduce friction on the gums, do not irritate and painful gums. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

One should use the Implant method to disassemble

Implant solution is suitable for those who lost teeth, elderly people. In case of loss of teeth for a long time, the bone has been reduced much, so it is difficult to graft bone.

How many implants should be used to fix the jaw

To fix the denture, the minimum number of implants required is 4. However, to ensure the function of the diet, experts recommend that you attach 6 to 8 posts. vietnam dentist prices