almost like a dry but very specific smell teeth in Vietnam

almost like a dry but very specific smell teeth in Vietnam, parents should give their children a regular 3-6 month dental check-up until the child fully dies (30-36 months). Periodic visits to early detection of dental lesions and timely treatment, filling grooves of the molar teeth to prevent tooth decay. Proper oral hygiene and balanced diet, good for teeth. The main function is to chew and crush food. Because the teeth are deep in the palate, when the teeth are not properly cleaned, the interstitial food fragments will be the ideal environment for growth bacteria. The period when the new tooth is deep to form a deep hole has to go through a fast or slow time depending on the cleaning, the ability to prevent tooth decay, average about a year or 5 years. Depending on the degree to which the jawbone may be swollen, destroyed, lost.

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When permanent teeth grow and for some reason are lost, no teeth will grow up to replace them. And if not properly restored, in time, you will certainly suffer inconvenience when losing teeth. These can be local or full-body effects – immediate or permanent effects on oral health, overall health and quality of life. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Loss of tooth deflates.

Influence in place

Tooth decay affects chewing function, food is not crushed before being swallowed for further digestion; Salivary glands also have dysphagia; The teeth next to the tooth loss area tend to recede into the missing teeth, the teeth in the opposite jaw tend to rise (to the lower jaw) or down (to the upper jaw), resulting in loss of tooth loss.

After a long time, it is very difficult to repair dentures. At the same time, the tilted, deflected teeth will make contact with the opposite tooth poor, chewing is not good, between the teeth are openings causing food discomfort patients, plaque – tartar and bone. The Pronounced influence, especially the wind sound, the tongue movement of the tongue rests on missing teeth; When communicating, many patients hesitate to speak – laugh open spaces due to missing teeth.

The teeth opposite the tooth loss without contact with the chewing compound deposition of plaque-tartar; The cheek muscles cannot compensate for the loss of the support of the tooth will be cheek lips or appear more wrinkles. High tooth loss causes lower back, deep bite, lateral margin or fungal infection; When the molar is lost, it usually results in more serious consequences. Chewing on the center of the front teeth, chewing habits change, touching the joints as patients often try to find points of contact in the remaining teeth, causing the lower jaw to overload, tend to protrude forward. After the loss of teeth on the bone from the outside, the lower jaw in the opposite direction disproportionate the two jaws; Effect of sinus function: When tooth loss leads to bone loss, the jawbone also expands and removes the jawbone; S.D.A.M: Pain in the temporomandibular joint. vietnam dentist prices

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