I have accumulated to fight in teeth in Vietnam

I have accumulated to fight in teeth in Vietnam. Understanding these inadequacies has launched a comprehensive dental solution to solve the problem of tooth loss and loss quickly, ensure the beautiful teeth and buds. Nice smile for customers. The solution is: Using solid porcelain to ensure the teeth, the porcelain inside and outside have the same structure is very strong, not broken. Especially, the porcelain monolith also helps keep the color of teeth whitish, do not change color. Reduce the grinding rate to only 1 mm instead of 1.5 to 2 mm as the old technology, reduce the sensitivity. Limit maximal marrow collection, do not take marijuana in the long term effect. The technology to create crown porcelain on the computer by modern CAD / CAM system accurate 3D, help customers get the crown teeth matched without worry as before.

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FEED TEETH crammed HOW TO affecting oral health?  What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Use chewing force too large while eating chewing, or eating foods with stickiness, there are small pieces that are very easy to stick to the teeth discomfort. Some cases of uneven teeth on the jaw, sparse, crowded or messy is also very easy to make a gap to feed on.

In cases where food is tightly packed in the teeth, it will last for a long time, with harmful bacteria forming plaque, tartar attached to the teeth causing gum inflammation. At this point, the gums will swell red and bleed when impacted even when you brush your teeth. The plaque builds up from the food that is trapped on the teeth gradually causing the gums to fall, exposing the space at the root, which will cause the tooth to be affected, more severely causing the tooth to shake. and lost. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

In some cases, food that is too stuck in the teeth will cause the tooth to become deeply deformed, causing tooth decay and pain to affect not only oral health but also many health effects. of the whole body.

How many foods do you need?

In cases where the teeth are stuffed with food that is not cleaned properly, you can use the following methods to help clean the teeth when the teeth are stuffed:

Use floss instead of toothpicks to remove leftover food on the teeth, especially the interstitial teeth. You know that using long-lasting toothpicks can make the crevices between the teeth a lot more, and food can easily get back on those places more. Therefore, instead of using a toothpick, your dentist recommends using floss to remove excess food from the teeth.

+ Toothpaste (interdental cleanser) will clean the teeth and easily remove plaque, food waste on the teeth effectively, by the action of water jet with powerful spray and washable head can be removed. Transplanted deep into the small gap between the teeth and gums. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Water tampons can clean the most inaccessible places on the teeth in combination with antibacterial solutions that can fix stuck teeth on clean teeth.

+ If you suffer from dental diseases that make teeth wide open as food trapped in, the best way to overcome is to the center for the treatment of males with appropriate dental methods such as fillings worm, porcelain tooth, … vietnam dentist prices